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Strengths and Weaknesses of Various Cooking Techniques

Everyone would want to eat nutritious and delicious food every day. But you need to know that certain cooking methods can preserve or actually eliminate the nutrients contained in food. Processing food ingredients can be done by various methods or techniques, ranging from frying to steaming. Unfortunately, some cooking techniques turn out to make a lot of nutrients in certain types of food disappear. Get to know the various cooking methods You must have often cooked in various ways below. Now, let's, find out the advantages and disadvantages of each. 1. Sauteing Generally this technique is relatively healthy because of the time needed for short cooking. Sauteing can make the antioxidants in vegetables stay awake and beta-carotene more easily absorbed. However, there are studies that find that the content of vitamin C in red cabbage and broccoli will be reduced if sauteed. To work around this, add water or low salt broth to help maintain food quality, both in terms of taste
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Mother Stress after Childbirth, This How to Overcome it

Mother feel tired, irritable, and easily sad without cause after giving birth? Be careful, maybe you experience stress after giving birth. Fortunately, let's overcome, see the article below. Having a baby should be happy. But busy taking care of your child and completing homework can indeed make you experience stress. Not to mention lack of sleep, the number of guests who visit, until breast milk that has not come out smoothly can be a burden. Relax, Mother, there is a way out. How to Overcome Stress after Childbirth After giving birth, Mother wants everything to run perfectly according to the tips in the book. But reality isn't that easy. In order to stay physically and mentally healthy in caring for your newborn little one, you need to make peace with reality and take the following steps: 1. Ask for help from relatives Forcing yourself to do things actually makes you overwhelmed and feel stressed. Remember, you don't need to do everything alone. Don't be shy o

7 Mistakes in Preparing Formula Milk Powder

Giving breast milk is the best choice for babies. However, certain conditions make it impossible, so babies should be given formula milk powder. In addition to formula milk powder, there are actually other types of liquid formula milk that is ready to drink and concentrated liquid formula milk. It's just that, most parents choose formula milk powder because the price is more affordable. How to prepare formula milk does require more attention than the other two types. For ready-to-drink formula milk, parents only need to open the package and put it in a bottle. Meanwhile, concentrated liquid formula milk needs to be added according to the stated amount of water. Avoid Mistakes in Preparing Milk Powder with These Right Steps In order for the benefits of optimal formula milk powder, the right steps need to be done. Here are some mistakes that are often made when preparing formula milk powder and how to prevent it: Use water that is too hot To make milk dissolve, many paren